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10 Steps To Stress-Free Moves

Moving house is one of life's more important events, but by golly can it be stressful and drive us crackers!

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Buy to let affordability

If this is your first foray into the world of buy-to-let property, then you’ll need to do your research around how much it’s going to cost you.

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Affordable Home Buying Schemes

If you can’t afford to buy a home, you may be entitled to some financial help from the Government, dependent on your circumstances, through an Affordable Housing Scheme.

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Basic Mortgage Guide

Mortgages can be complicated; however, here at SoSmart Money we think that it's best to keep it simple.

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Tax liabilities on buy-to-let homes

If you’re considering purchasing a buy-to-let property and you’ve done your research you’ll know that there will be a number of associated costs.

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Buyers Guide to Estate Agents

Despite their bad reputation and many peoples aversion to using their services, estate agents remain the most common channel for buying or selling property in the UK

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The Buying Process Explained

If you’ve secured your mortgage and found the property that you want to buy then you’re ready to put in an offer.

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Buying To Let

Talk of investing in bricks and mortar and fortunes made from buying property to let used to fuel dinner party conversations

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Buying Your First Home

Nobody who is buying a home for the first time is going to be an expert and there will be unforeseen complications along the way

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The True Cost of Buying your First Home

Buying your first home can be very exciting, but also very expensive! As well as the cost of buying the property, there are many other factors to consider.

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Common first-time buyer mistakes

As a first-time buyer the property market can be extremely overwhelming, and unless you’re fore-warned and fore-armed with the relevant information, it’s easy to fall into a number of traps.

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Equity Release

If you arrive at retirement with less money than you might like, your home may provide a means of boosting your income

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What type of mortgage is right for me?

So you're ready to buy your first home but first you must face the daunting task of obtaining a mortgage. With so many different mortgages available, what do you need to look for?

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Getting Your First Mortgage

Buying your first property can be quite a stressful and difficult experience, especially if you are not sure about how the whole process works

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Glossary of Mortgage Terms

Buying a home is stressful enough in itself, so the last thing that you need on top of that is confusion over your mortgage!

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A guide to checking your credit report

Your credit report contains information about your financial history – each time you apply for a loan, mortgage or credit card

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A Guide to Shared Ownership

As a first-time buyer it can be incredibly hard to get onto the property ladder – particularly on your own.

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What is the Help to Buy scheme?

The government launched the Help to Buy scheme in order to assist first-time buyers who want to get on the property ladder but may not be able to do so with a standard mortgage.

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High LTV Remortgages

Remortgaging when your mortgage is still a high percentage of your home's value…

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How is buy-to-let different from a standard residential mortgage?

Talk of investing in bricks and mortar and fortunes made from buying property to let used to fuel dinner party conversations.

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How much do you need to borrow?

As a first-time buyer it can be difficult knowing exactly where you are with your finances.

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How To Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home will be one of the biggest financial transactions that you will ever make

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How to find the right tenants

Becoming a landlord is not just about finding the right property to give you a decent return on your investment - you’ll need to find the right tenants too.

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Improve Your Mortgage Chances

If you are property owner or a first time buyer, here are some things that give you a better chance of obtaining the mortgage you want

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What are the legal responsibilities of a landlord?

As a landlord, you have certain legal obligations that you must follow – these are in place not only to protect the rights of the tenant, but can also protect you and your livelihood in case anything goes wrong.

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Mortgage Terminology Explained

All mortgage lenders use selective words and phrases throughout their terms and conditions, often referred to as mortgage terminology

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Moving Home Checklist

Often this is supposed to be a happy time; however, it can also be very stressful. To minimise the stress use following guide

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Preparing to apply for a mortgage

Not many people are in a fortunate enough position to be able to buy a home outright, so applying for a mortgage is your first step to becoming a property owner.

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Property & Mortgage Jargon

When you are involved in the buying or selling of a property things can happen very quickly and with all of the lengthy documents

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Types of Property Survey

You wouldn’t spend thousands of pounds on a used car without checking it over first, so why would you spend significantly more on a house without doing the same?

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Remortgage to Consolidate Debts

Remortgaging used to be a fast and effective way of saving thousands of pounds off the cost of a mortgage

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There is such a varied choice of mortgages available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know whether you have the best mortgage

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Remortgaging – Step by Step

When you took out your first mortgage it may have seemed like a complicated process, so you may be dreading the time when it comes to remortgaging.

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Sellers guide to estate agents

Despite their bad reputation and many peoples aversion to using their services, estate agents remain the most common channel for buying

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Selling Before You Buy

Placing such pressure on making your sale is a risky strategy and in many cases it leads to homeowners selling for less than they deserved

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Top 3 Tips for Remortgaging

Switching your lender for significant savings! Tip #1: Check out your current deal

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Tracker Mortgages

When you have a tracker mortgage, the interest payments that you make are directly linked to the Bank of England base rate

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Understanding The Property Market

Potential home buyers and sellers should always take media reports of property market booms and crashes with a pinch of salt

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What is a Discount Mortgage

Fixed, variable and tracker mortgages are pretty self explanatory by their name, but the name 'discount' mortgage

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What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

A fixed rate mortgage does exactly what it says on the tin, no matter what is going on in the current mortgage market

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What Is a Remortgage?

Do you currently have a mortgage? Would you like to get a different or better deal without moving home?

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What Is a Tracker Mortgage?

There is so much choice on the mortgage market that even if you're seasoned buyer understanding all the choice available

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What is a Variable Rate Mortgage

A standard variable rate mortgage, also known as a reversion rate mortgage, is a mortgage whose interest rate changes

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