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Health insurance can offer peace of mind that you'll receive treatment quickly and often skip NHS waiting lists.

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For non-urgent consultant-led treatments the waiting time is up to 18 weeks from when the hospital or services receives your referral letter. With Private Medical Insurance you can bring this down to a maximum of 6 weeks. According to the BBC more than 360,000 waited longer than 18 weeks between 2016-2017 and cancer patients topped 26,000 waiting more than 62 days for treatment.

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If your appointment is cancelled with the NHS you could be waiting another 28 days for your next time and appointment can be cancelled more than once.

For the price of a cup of coffee per day you could protect yourself from long waiting lists in the NHS and avoid Cancellations.

You are safe knowing you're backed by AXA PPP, here are just a few benefits:


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Why choose Health Insurance?

Health insurance enables you to skip long NHS waiting lists and choose where and when you want to have the treatment. There are lots of plans available and you can use to find an affordable policy that suits you and your family's needs. There are different types and levels of cover, including in-patient, day patient and out-patient treatment and each policy will vary in what cover it offers and what is included and excluded.

Generally, pre-existing conditions (known problems at the time you take out the policy) and long term, incurable conditions are excluded.

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Tired of long waiting times, want to receive specialist treatment? Private medical insurance could be for you

With so much choice available in health insurance policies, you can get a plan specially tailored to your needs. Health insurance providers don't just do a 'one size fits all' policy; they offer greater diversity with what you can include in your personalised policy.

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Private medical insurance may be seen as a luxury as we have the NHS but when faced with an operation with a long waiting time, is it still a luxury? We at can help you find health insurance policies that will suit you at an affordable cost.

Being told that you need an operation can be daunting at the best of times without the added stress of the wait list. An affordable health care provider can go a long way in relieving that stress.

Let us help you find the right provider at the right price.