Life Insurance Deals:

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Life Insurance offers you and your loved ones security if the worst should happen.

  • Your insurance policy can be used to cover your mortgage
  • All our representatives are fully authorised by the FCA
  • Life insurance will help your loved ones to feel financially secure following your death.

Amount of cover needed

The amount of cover needed can vary depending on what you are looking to cover, if you are looking to pay off the mortgage then it would be the mortgage amount you currently have.

If you are looking to leave a lump sum you need to decide how much you would like to leave.

Number of years

For mortgage cover this would be the term left on your mortgages.

If you are unsure, enter an amount and the adviser will advise on the term you need.

Unsure of the cover you need or would prefer to speak to us over the phone

Call now on : 01244 456 526

How it works

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