Private medical insurance

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Your premium will depend on your individual circumstances including your age, occupation and length of policy required.

  • Protect your income if you become unable to work
  • Cover available for accident, sickness or unemployment
  • Peace of mind that your monthly outgoings will be protected.

Accident & Sickness

This is the basic cover for income protection and has automatically been added


This will add the option to cover you incase of redundancy, this type of cover is commenly referred to as ASU (Accident, sickness and unemployment)

Up to 1 Year

This would mean the policy would payout up to a years worth of payments

Over 1 Year

This would mean the policy would payout for over 1 year, normally upto the lenght of your mortgage

Unsure of the cover you need or would prefer to speak to us over the phone

Call now on : 01244 950 316

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