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About Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen translates into English as "the people's car" and has been around since as early as 1937. The iconic VW Beetle has been entered for motorsport events around the globe.

Volkswagen car models include:

Beetle - Eos - Golf - Passat - Phaeton - Polo - Scirocco - Sharan - Tiguan - Touareg - Touran - Up

volkswagon car insurance

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SO what's it all about?

Why use SoSmart Money to compare Volkswagen Car Insurance?

SoSmart Money allows you to compare over 120 car insurance policies, enabling you to find the most convenient policy for you.

At SoSmart Money we compare Volkswagen car insurance quotes that match your exact needs, with the reults available to view in minutes.

Purchasing car insurance is a legal obligation in the UK. It protects third parties against loss or damage. Each Volkswagen car insurance product offers different benefits. SoSmart Money provides a form (provided by Seopa), so you can compare all of these products from the comfort of your own home.

The quote system is owned and operated by Seopa Ltd.

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How does SoSmart Money compare finance products?openclose

We partner with other companies to make sure we can offer you a huge selection for comparison. We offer a range of solutions, including comparison tables, quotes and access to a network of specialist independent financial advisors.

Companies we partner with to provide these tools include: Love Money, Seopa, Mortgage27.


Can I speak to an adviser for help?openclose

We can put you in touch with teams of specialists depending on which type of product you need help with, who are ready and waiting to answer your questions.  SoSmart Money only work with representatives of FCA regulated firms.
Use the links at the top of the page to find the product you would like to talk to somebody about and use the telephone number on that page to enquire.

Does SoSmart Money cater for people in all circumstances?openclose

The tools offered by SoSmart Money cover a very wide range of financial products, including specialist products for people in all types of circumstances, from poor credit to previous criminal convictions. Your precise circumstances may affect your eligibility for certain products, but we can help you to find the right deal for you.

How does SoSmart Money make money?openclose

At SoSmart Money, our aim is to help our customers save money on their household bills and regular outgoings.

We do this by providing a completely free comparison and quote service - allowing customers to compare a wide range of personal finance products in the one place, and find the one that is most suited to their circumstances.

We work with a range of providers from across different aspects of the personal finance market, and use only tried and trusted brands in order to bring the best customer service experience to our customer base. 

We will never charge our customers to use our comparison service. If a customer applies for or purchases a product by the way of referral from SoSmart Money, then we earn a commission from this, so our revenue comes directly from the product providers themselves.

This doesn't mean that the cost of our products will be more expensive than going direct to the provider - you can still find the most competitive rates here at SoSmart Money, with the added benefit of being able to compare them all in the one place.

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