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Is 4x4 insurance diffferent to standard car insurance?

In theory they are the same although certain providers do specialise in 4x4 insurance so it is a case of shopping around to find the best deal.  4x4 insurance can tend to be expensive but this is mainly due to the fact that 4x4s are usually in a higher insurance group.  Take for example a Land Rover Discovery, depending on the exact model this can range from around insurance group 33 up to group 42 making it a higher risk vehicle.

You may think that if you crash your car it's not going to be that bad but as they are heavy and strong they can cause a lot of damage to a 3rd party that is involved, thus leading to bigger bills for the payout. They also carry expensive repair bills themselves, so what may be a small job on a small car could be a costly job on a 4x4.

So before you buy your 4x4 make sure you can afford the insurance.  If you were previously driving a smaller car around group 10 you will see a major increase due to the insurance group going much higher.

Can I get cheaper insurance for my 4x4?

Like all car insurance the premium is based on risk factors.  As 4x4s tend to be high insurance groups you will need to look at the other risk factors to lower your cost.

Driving less is the first option if you don't need to use the car to travel everywhere. Do you need to go to the shop now or could it wait until tomorrow while you are going that way anyway?
Small reductions in your travelling over the year will add up and you could find you are able to take 1000s of miles off your clock. Not only could this make the car last longer but it can also bring your insurance premium down.

Is your vehicle fitted with a good alarm system or could you have a tracker added to the car? Making the vehicle as secure as possible will help to bring down the costs as there is less risk of you making a claim for theft.

If you could afford to pay a little extra should the worst happen and you need to make a claim, you should consider a higher voluntary excess as this can help to bring your annual premium down.  Also if you can afford to pay for your premium upfront, this will avoid any additional costs that are usually incurred for paying monthly.

Am I covered to drive my 4x4 off-road?

If you are looking to get messy in your 4x4 and want to take it to its original terrain, don't assume you can just drive off the tarmac and into the mud. As most 4x4s are now used to drive on the roads most insurers will only cover you for standard car insurance.  Make sure you check your policy before you take it back to it's roots as should you need to make a claim, you may be left with a bigger bill than you were expecting as you may not be covered.

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