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self-employed mortgage

I’m self-employed, how do I get a good mortgage deal?

Getting accepted for a mortgage can be a challenge for anyone. But if you are self-employed it could be even more difficult convincing a lender tha

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Couple on honeymoon after getting a secured loan

What can a secured loan be used for?

If you are looking to raise a large amount of cash, or you are having difficulty obtaining another type of loan, then a secured loan could be the s

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long-term mortgage deals

Are we seeing the return of long-term mortgage deals?

Last month, Virgin Money launched a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage.  This is the first time we’ve seen a fixed-rate of this length since the start

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How will Brexit affect your mortgage?

There are plenty of questions arising around Brexit. Not least the effect it will have on our finances once Britain finally leaves the EU. If you h

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Can I get a mortgage if I've had a CCJ?

10 things that could stop you getting a mortgage

So you’ve found your dream home and want to apply for a mortgage. It’s at this point that most house-hunters hit their first major hurdle – g

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type of mortgage

How do I decide which type of mortgage is right for me?

.If you are new to the property market, then finding a mortgage can be incredibly daunting. Not only must you decide how much you need and which pr

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