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Mortgage terms glossary

If you’re looking to better understand your mortgage, or you’re confused by a mortgage term, then check out our handy glossary and break throug

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Are cashback mortgages a sensible option?

Are cashback mortgages a sensible option?

After the news of the base rate rise, lenders have jumped on the opportunity to draw customers in with competitive benefits such as cashback mortga

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Thinking lady

Why it’s vital to check your credit report before you apply for a mortgage!

Credit report

We’ve all heard it a hundred times before, but why is it so important to have a healthy credit score? And why is it vi

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Happy first-timer buyer

6 Steps to ensure you’re ready to be a first time buyer

Being a first time buyer can be an exciting prospect, but the application and saving can be stressful for would be home owners. If you’re looking

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Could you use an app to improve your health?

It’s 2018, if you have any kind of lifestyle problem, from organisational to personal, then there’s probably an app for it, even to improve yo

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Worried man

Top 10 things that could stop you getting a mortgage

So you’ve found your dream home and want to apply for a mortgage. It’s at this point that most house-hunters hit their first major hurdle – g

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