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buy a property

What are the most important things to do before you buy a property?

Ready to buy your next home?  Buying property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever have to make, so make sure you’v

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single income mortgage

Will I get a mortgage on a single income?

The average age of UK first-time buyers is 30 years old, and nowadays many people aren’t settling down until later on in life. Stepping on to the

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remortgage deal

How to get the remortgage deal you want

If your current mortgage deal is about to end then it’s definitely worth checking the latest offers to see if you can move onto a better rate. Read More

life insurance

Have you been with the same mortgage lender for years?

Are you on the lookout for a better interest rate on your mortgage?  If the time has come to remortgage you may be tempted to stick with the same

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Pay off your mortgage

How to save £155 a month on your mortgage

For a lot of us UK homeowners, saving money on our monthly outgoings is a top priority.  With rising living costs, stagnant salaries and the uncer

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Should I give up work if I am ill?

Should I give up work if I am ill?

If you’re classed as an employee, it’s likely you’ll have a sick pay scheme in your employment contract. Employers are required b

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