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How to create your ideal work from home environment

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Have you been asked to work from home during the pandemic?  If so you may be struggling to be as productive as usual as there are so many distracting factors to manage at home. 

In a chaotic family home, how can you stay focused on your work?

Let in the natural light

Daylight is so much better for our wellbeing than artificial light.  Working in natural daylight will also help to cut your energy costs too.

Bring the outdoors in

Add some houseplants to the decor of your office space.  Plants are beneficial to us, both physically and psychologically.  All that extra oxygen that they give out can really help you to maintain your focus and concentration while you work from home.  

Keep a comfortable temperature

If you work from home, one benefit is that there are no annoying colleagues around you to tell you it’s too hot or too cold.  Apparently the ideal temperature for productivity is approx. 25 degrees celsius but you can adjust the temperature to suit you.  

Play ambient music

Everybody has different types of music that work for them.  Classical music or sounds of nature may help to boost your mood or help you to reduce stress.  Or blasting out some rock music may energise you to work at a faster pace. 

Avoid household distractions

Try to prepare your snacks and drinks at the start of the day so you aren’t having to nip to the kitchen all the time.  Otherwise it’s easy to get distracted by the dishes or the laundry pile. 

If you have children at home then try to give everyone a schedule or routine with lots of activities to keep them busy throughout the day.   It’s not an ideal environment however if you can get through the day having done at least some work, whilst keeping the kids fed and entertained then well done!

Ditch the pyjamas

Whilst it’s super comfortable to stay in your nightwear all day, it doesn’t really put us in the right frame of mind.  Wearing your usual office wear will help you to feel more confident and more productive.  It will also avoid the embarrassment of your boss seeing you in your Spiderman onesie on the office Zoom call!

Factor in breaks

When you work from home it’s really important to take breaks on a regular basis. On your lunch break, try to get out for a walk or do something relaxing such as reading a book so you feel like you are actually having a real break.  Have screen breaks throughout the day, but try to keep them short so you don’t get distracted by chores.  Set a timer if necessary to keep you focused. 

Create a dedicated workspace

If you don’t have a proper home office, try to create a dedicated work area in another room instead.  Fold down desks work really well if you are short on space. If you plan to work from home on a long-term basis, you could think about renovating your home or building a garden office.  The latter could be done on a budget (if you have the skills) or you may want to look at a more luxurious option, with proper glazing and heating.  

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