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How to ensure your home is ready for winter

Cosy home ready for winter

As we head into the coldest months of the year, learn how to protect your home and make it ready for winter. 

There are lots to think about during the festive period – from gift shopping to preparing for your Christmas dinner.  But try to take a moment to ensure that your home is warm, safe and secure and ready for winter months ahead. 

Why not use our winter home checklist below so that you’re ready when those temperatures drop even lower. 

Secure garden furniture

The majority of us don’t use our gardens all year round, so during the winter months make sure that items are safely stored away.  Garden chairs, hanging baskets and plant pots could all get blown around in high-winds.  This risks them being damaged or causing damage to your property. 

Cut back trees

In the most recent storm, high winds were responsible for bringing down a number of trees.  This can be an extremely dangerous situation if you have trees very close to your property.   You may want to consider cutting back any tall trees that could fall on your property if they were damaged by the storm.

Check the roof

Loose or broken roof tiles could be dangerous in high winds, or in wet weather could lead to leads.  Get the ladder out – or get some professionals in – to check that all is secure and ready for winter.

Clear leaves from drains and gutters

Blocked drains and clogged up gutters could result in more serious damage.  Cracked pipes, leaks or even damp could put your property at risk.  Keeping on top of outdoor debris can help to protect your property in the long term. 

Protect your pipes

Freezing temperatures can often lead to cracked and burst pipes.  You can save your home from severe water damage by lagging your pipes with an insulated foam layer.  If you are likely to be away over Christmas with no heating on, this can help to protect your home.  

Clear your chimney

There is nothing more evocative of a cosy Christmas Eve than a roaring fire. However, failing to clear your chimney before lighting a fire could have serious consequences.  Blocked chimneys could lead to a build up of carbon monoxide or could cause flammable material to come back down into your room.  Ensure that your fireplace is completely safe by booking a professional to clean it thoroughly. 

Service your boiler

Is your boiler ready for winter?  There is nothing worse than your central heating packing up during a really cold spell.  You should have your boiler serviced regularly by a gas-safe engineer.   If you have boiler cover, an annual service may be included as part of your policy.  

Bleed your radiators  

If your radiators are feeling cold, it may not be a problem with the boiler, it may just mean that your radiators need to be bled i.e getting rid of any air in the system.   This should only be done when the heating is turned off.  It’s very simple to do with a bleeding key – but just make sure you keep a cloth handy to save your carpets!  

Make your home cosy  

There are lots of things you can do with your property to ensure that your home is cosy.  And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  

Add thermal linings to your curtains, use plush blankets and cushions to add warmth to your living room.  Candles, lanterns or fairy lights can give a feeling of cosiness.  In Denmark, this cosy feeling is called ‘hygge’ and it’s becoming more and more popular in the UK, with many people basing their home decor around this idea.  

Getting your home ready for winter can seem like a gargantuan task so it’s often worth spreading the jobs out and starting earlier in the year to ensure that you are ready for when the temperature drops.  

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