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Easy ways to make your home ready to sell

Have you found your next property and are ready to sell?   A quick sale of your current property is likely to give you a sense of relief that at least one major hurdle is out of the way.  But are there any tricks to help you sell it? 

We’ve made some suggestions below on preparing your home so it’s ready to sell – it’ll help you to show it off to it’s best and hopefully will push you over the edge of any other competition in the local area.


Decluttering has two purposes. Firstly it will help you when it comes to moving as you’ll hopefully have less to take with you!  Secondly, decluttering can help you to depersonalise the house.  Clear, uncluttered rooms are more visually appealing and can offer potential buyers more of a ‘blank canvas’ to visualise their own items in place.

Clean everywhere!

First rule of selling a home – buyers are nosy!  Whilst some viewers may just take a superficial look at your home, tangible buyers are likely to look into every nook and cranny in your home.  Make it ready to sell by cleaning every surface – floors, windows, worktops etc.  Even the insides of cupboards – they will look! 

You can fix it!

We all have little household niggles that we learn to live with over time.  Although they may be minor, things like this can really put buyers off.  Even if it’s just a small repair that needs fixing, they may wonder what else lies beneath.

Fix wonky door handles or cracks in the paintwork.  If you’re not very handy yourself it may be worth investing in a local handyman who can make all the minor repairs for you.

A lick of paint

A few minor scuffs won’t matter too much but stained walls or peeling wallpaper probably will.  If you do need to refresh the paint work, then perhaps think about changing colour if you need to.  Whilst you may love your purple kitchen walls, a buyer may not.  Try to keep things as neutral as possible.  Magnolia may be dull but it could help you to sell your home. 

Room staging

Do you have a spare room that’s used as an office, a hobby room or just a dumping ground?  Just because you don’t need an extra bedroom, doesn’t mean your buyers will be the same.  If it’s supposed to be a bedroom or a dining room, then set it up as one.  This will help buyers to visualise how much space they’ll be getting. 

First impressions count

Whilst interiors are important, don’t neglect the outside of your home.  Your buyers will have judged your property before they’ve even set foot through your front door! 

Get your home ready to sell by creating an excellent first impression.  Mow the lawn, tidy the borders, repair any fences and hide any unsightly items, such as wheelie bins.  

You shouldn’t need to undertake any major renovations which you will gain no long-term benefit from.  A few simple tweaks here and there can help you get your home ready to sell, and prepare you for a quick move up the property ladder. 

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