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Mortgage rates

Should I switch mortgage lenders?

The world of mortgages can be a confusing place for anyone, but it needn’t be a complicated or time-consuming process when coming to changing yo

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Wooden House - Covid-19 affect your remortgage

Will Covid-19 affect your remortgage?

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of the UK has affected all areas of the economy, with businesses being forced to close or sig

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remortgage deal

How to get the remortgage deal you want

If your current mortgage deal is about to end then it’s definitely worth checking the latest offers to see if you can move onto a better rate.


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Are cashback mortgages a sensible option?

Are cashback mortgages a sensible option?

After the news of the base rate rise, lenders have jumped on the opportunity to draw customers in with competitive benefits such as cashback mortgages

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long-term mortgage deals

5 unbelievable secrets your mortgage lender might not tell you

You might think you have found a trusted bank or mortgage lender that is looking out for your best interests but there still may be things that they d

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switch mortgage lender

What information do I need to remortgage?

You might be thinking you need to remortgage to save money on repayments, release equity from your property or to pay your mortgage off quicker. Wheth

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