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missed credit card payments

Will my mortgage application be affected if I’ve missed credit card payments?

If you’re currently in the market for a mortgage, a quick Google search will come up with a number of tips on what to do before you apply. You’

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switch mortgage lender

How easy is it to switch mortgage lender?

If you’ve been on your current interest rate for a while it may be time to switch mortgage lender. Doing so could bring with it a number of benef

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self-employed mortgage

5 questions you should really ask your mortgage broker

Using a mortgage broker can be an invaluable way to get through the mortgage application process.  They can save you time and help you to find a g

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pay off your mortgage early

Should you pay off your mortgage early or save the cash?

If you’ve recently remortgaged onto a lower interest then you’ll hopefully be benefiting from extra cash in your pocket each month. Initially,

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equity home improvements

How to use the equity in your property for home improvements

If you are looking to make some major home improvements, you may be able to finance this by accessing the equity in your property.

Most home

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first time buyer in 2020

Could you become a first time buyer in 2020?

Whilst there is likely to be some uncertainty over the housing market with Brexit in 2020, there was some good news for first time buyers.  With a

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