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House deposit – how much do I need to buy my first home?

When buying your first home you will need to have a house deposit.  This will typically be at least 5% or 10% of the value of the property.

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What’s stopping you from getting a remortgage?

Getting a remortgage can be a fairly straightforward process.  But there can also be factors that could hinder your application.  Howeve

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What you need to know if you’re moving from renting to buying

The most recent data from the Halifax Buying vs Renting review shows that the average cost of renting a home in the UK will set you back £68 a mo

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Wooden House - Covid-19 affect your remortgage

One Year On: What impact has Covid had on the mortgage market?

Just over a year ago, the UK came to a standstill.  We saw a virus develop across the globe at the start of 2020, but little did we know that ju

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Will using a mortgage broker help me to save money?

Whether you are buying your first home or your current mortgage is due for renewal, you’ll no doubt want to put in some research yourself to try

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Hidden costs to look out for when buying your first home

If you’re buying your first home, the first thought that will pop into your head will be how much you need to save for your deposit.


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