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Pay off your mortgage

How to pay off your mortgage in the next 10 years

Wouldn’t you love to be able to pay off your mortgage early and free up your debt?  Imagine that feeling of being completely mortgage-free,

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Happy first-timer buyer

6 Steps to ensure you’re ready to be a first time buyer

Being a first time buyer can be an exciting prospect, but the application and saving can be stressful for would be home owners. If you’re looking

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Buy a property

Can I buy a house on minimum wage?

The current minimum wage in the UK for over 21’s is £7.38 (over 25’s £7.83). However, with the rising cost of house prices, what are the

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Can I get a mortgage if I've had a CCJ?

Top 10 things that could stop you getting a mortgage

So you’ve found your dream home and want to apply for a mortgage. It’s at this point that most house-hunters hit their first major hurdle – g

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Where are the celebrity property hotspots in the UK?

Most of us are highly unlikely to bump into a celebrity on the school run or popping out to buy a pint of milk and a newspaper.  Although that doe

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first mortgage

How can I help my child get their first mortgage and flee the nest?

Sky high property prices and the cost of living make buying a home a daunting prospect for many homebuyers. In order to save every penny, more and

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