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Remortgage and save

What information do I need to remortgage?

You might be thinking you need to remortgage to save money on repayments, release equity from your property or to pay your mortgage off quicker. Wh

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trapped on mortgage deal

Are you trapped in your current mortgage deal?

For many homeowners, taking out a fixed-rate mortgage deal can often seem like the most sensible option.

For first-time buyers a fixed-rate

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Joint mortgage application

Should I get a joint mortgage with my partner?

With increasing house prices, larger deposits needed for a mortgage and high Loan to Value’s (LTVs) being unappealing to lenders, single person p

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Mortgage help

5 ways to help your children onto the property ladder

With schemes such as help to buy, and the abolishment of stamp duty this year for some first-time buyers, help is out there for some who dream of t

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remortgage options

5 reasons your mortgage application might have been rejected

Buying a home is a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, so being declined for a mortgage can therefore make all that effort and time seem

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5 things to think about before you invest in a buy-to-let property

With pensions not what they used to be, people are starting to think of other ways of investing their money and as you can imagine property is top

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