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man considering income protection

5 reasons why debt consolidation could help you manage your finances.

Do you have a lot of outstanding debt?  In some cases, people can juggle multiple credit cards and other credit balances with no issues.  Howeve

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reducing debt

5 steps to reducing your debt

Dealing with money can be stressful.  No more so than when debt starts to build up.  If you’re looking to tidy up your finances and make a mov

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Credit, credit score, credit rating

Top tips for getting a mortgage with a bad credit history

Don’t let your bad credit history deter you from your dream of owning a home. The truth is if you have a bad credit history it can mean higher i

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self-employed mortgage

Secured vs. Unsecured loans

If you’re deciding on a loan but you’re not sure what the differences are it’s important to know each loan option that is available to you. Loan

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financial hangover

Top tips for getting rid of your Christmas financial hangover

Despite Christmas being a matter of weeks ago, most of us will probably be feeling the January blues by now. For some the cold weather may be the only

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Loan Jargon Explained

Picking the right loan can be a tricky minefield to navigate, but when you throw in all the financial jargon it can be like you are choosing a loan in

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