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move home

Top tips to save cash when you move home

Moving home can be an expensive time so it’s important to save money where you can.  Here are just a few ideas of places you may be able to redu

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mortgage rate rise

Will there be a mortgage rate rise in 2017?

Whilst mortgage rates still appear to be at rock bottom prices following the lowering of the Bank of England base rate in 2016, there are signs tha

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Protect your income in 2017

For many people, 2016 was a year of financial insecurity but how will you fare in 2017?  Will things become any more stable?

Following the

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Are you paying too much for your Life Insurance cover

Life insurance can be a particularly smart purchase, offering you long-term protection for your family. But as with any insurance policy, it pays t

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financial hangover

Top tips for getting rid of your Christmas financial hangover

Despite Christmas being a matter of weeks ago, most of us will probably be feeling the January blues by now. For some the cold weather may be the o

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NHS doctor

Private Health insurance – It might surprise you how affordable it really is!

Paying into a Private health insurance premium will allow you to bypass lengthy NHS waiting lists and be treated in a private hospital, typically a

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