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Are your savings enough?

We’ve all heard of the rainy-day fund but are your savings enough to help you through a monsoon, or just a light shower?

In an ideal world

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money house

Should I fix my mortgage while interest rates are at a historical low?

If we look back to last year, many homeowners were rushing to remortgage at low interest rates before the Bank of England raised their base rate ab

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doctor coat

Can you rely on the NHS to get the treatment you need?

Although it could have once been said that we enjoy one of the best healthcare systems in the world, is this statement is still true today?

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Thousands pay more than necessary despite record low interest rates

With the recent cut to the Bank of England base rate, mortgages have never been cheaper. But inevitably there will still be plenty of mortgage cust

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woman upset over loss of income

Could your family cope financially if you lost your income?

How much do you have saved for a rainy day? According to recent data from the Money Advice Service (MAS), there are 16million of us in the UK who h

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Life Insurance – does it really pay out?

If you’re considering life insurance you may be wondering if it’s really worth it… I mean, how many life insurance claims actually get paid?<

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