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eat healthier

Eating healthy on a budget (Summer edition)

If you’re diet has taken a bit of a turn for the worse lately, then summer is an ideal time to kick-start your healthy eating again.  We’ve pu

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home trends

Summer Home Trends On A Budget

Whether you’re doing your home up to sell, or you’ve just bought a home and are looking to redecorate, many of us would like to keep up with th

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funeral flowers

Preparing ahead with a funeral plan

Whilst pre-planning for your own funeral may seem a little morbid, it not only takes away some of the pressure from your bereaved family, but it al

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family life insurance

When is the right time to buy life insurance?

When I was a young-carefree twenty-something, the only insurance policy that I spent any time thinking about was for my car, making sure I got the

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denied life insurance

What to do if you are denied life insurance?

A number of people don’t have a life insurance policy through their own choice, but what if you’ve tried to get a policy and been denied?


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Does my mortgage allow me to rent my home through AirBnB?

It seems that these days if you’re looking for a bargain weekend break, AirBnB is your go to site for finding a cheap and cheerful place to stay.

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