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cashback mortgage

Should I go for a cashback mortgage?

In a relatively slow mortgage market, it appears that mortgage providers are trying different ways to courage new business.  Whilst record low rat

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income protection

Why your income is more important than you might think?

If you had to name your biggest financial asset, what would you say?

Would it be your home?

Your car?

Or perhaps your business

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low income

How to beat the household squeeze

Whilst there wasn’t any major news regarding an interest rate rise during the last meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (the base rate remain

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secured loan

What can a secured loan be used for?

If you are looking to raise a large amount of cash, or you are having difficulty obtaining another type of loan, then a secured loan could be the s

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General election

How will a general election affect the property market?

If you are currently in the process of buying or selling a property, the announcement of the snap general election may not have been music to the e

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health insurance

How much can you expect to pay for private health insurance?

The cost of a private health insurance policy isn’t quite as easy as providing a single figure – how much you pay as an individual will depend

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