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save thousands on your mortgage

How to save £1,000s on your mortgage in three easy steps

We’re all keen to get approved for a mortgage and be homeowners, but how many of us really want to be a slave to debt for the rest of our lives.

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mortgage lender

5 reasons a mortgage lender may turn you down

If you’re in the position of buying a home, there are many exciting times ahead – but unfortunately there may also be some hurdles to conqu

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Woman Worried - finance

Are you still struggling to remortgage your property?

With rock-bottom interest rates over the past few years, homeowners have been taking advantage in their droves, with many able to cut their mortgag

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mortgage mistakes

10 most shocking mortgage mistakes

1. Forgetting about your credit score

Your credit score can make or break your mortgage application.  Any potential lender will want to k

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standard variable rate

Are you on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate?

With interest rates recently cut further to 0.25% – you might think you are sitting pretty if you are still on your lender’s Standard Varia

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tracker mortgage - rise

How does a tracker mortgage work?

If you’ve been searching for a mortgage then you’ll have no doubt come across a tracker mortgage but if you’re new to mortgages then you may

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