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Brexit and your mortgage

When the markets plummeted following the Brexit vote, the nation panicked.  As it turned out it was only a short, sharp shock however it left many

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gadgets charging

Are you guilty of leaving your gadgets on?

Are you amongst the third of Brits that leave up to 15 gadgets turned on at once?  Yes, 15!1

With recent news that energy prices

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man considering income protection

Income Protection – can you afford not to have it?

Are you one of the many Britons struggling to get by on a less than adequate wage?  If so, how would you cope if you found yourself out of work an

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house sellers - new kitchen

Top Trends for House Sellers

With Christmas and New Year well out of the way, this is a popular time of year for home movers to put their property on the market, hoping to sell

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Are you paying too much for your Life Insurance cover

Life insurance can be a particularly smart purchase, offering you long-term protection for your family. But as with any insurance policy, it pays t

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first home

Santander launch 0.99% fixed rate mortgage

Santander has announced the launch of it’s lowest ever fixed rate mortgage, at 0.99% for 18 months.  The rate is available to homeowners wit

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